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Case Insurance Brokers: The Entrepreneur’s Choice for Business, Auto and Home Insurance

Are you busy running a small or medium-sized business? Want to cut to the chase with the best rates and the right protection, without getting stuck in all the boring insurance weeds? We’ve got it.

Case Insurance Brokers is your one-stop source for Business, Auto and Home insurance, along with insightful and down-to-earth financial advice to keep your organization humming – and out of harm’s way. From business property and liability insurance to superior auto and home protection, we make it simple.

We ‘get’ entrepreneurs… what drives you, what worries you, and what risks you face. We bring more than two-decades of risk management and business leadership experience to the table to help make your business and home life simple, secure, and successful.

Whatever protection you need, we’re on the Case.

Your Case for Business Insurance

Protect your business against property loss, lawsuits, and the most important thing – damage to your reputation. We help you manage risk… so you can move forward with confidence.

Your Case for Auto Insurance

Drive away those worrying “what-ifs” on the road. We keep you, your passengers and your vehicle safe in motion.

Your Case for Home Insurance

Defend your property, should disaster ever strike. We safeguard your home, where the heart is, so you can sleep easy at night.

“Chris Case takes the time to understand my business insurance needs, do the research to find the best products, and then sit down to explain the pros and cons of each option so I can make the best choice. I’ve trusted Chris for years now to protect me and my business.”

Roger P.

Toronto, Ontario

About Case Insurance

Mobile. Motivated. Agile.

An insurance brokerage that brings clarity, connections and all the right solutions for your business and personal needs.

Plain spoken advice. Best-in-class partners and pricing options that make good sense. You’ll find it all here, along with a whole lot of value-added business building and strategic financial support and protect you where you live, work and play. We are just a call, click or text away.

Case Insurance is a far cry from your ‘old school’ insurance broker. We kick dull, corporate and boring to the curb. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and with deep roots in the GTA business community, we make it our business not just to reduce your risk, but to ensure your business succeeds on all levels. Using proactivity, partnerships and professionalism, we have won the trust of many successful entrepreneurs. Won’t you be our next success story?

“I see every Client as a unique and individual case, and I bring empathy, understanding and ultimately, the very best value for any insurance spend”

Chris A. Case

Principal, Case Insurance Brokers

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Chris Case is an entrepreneur who brings a 20-plus year career in the insurance industry to the table. For more than 10 years, he has acted as Broker for clients in both the Commercial and Personal lines. He is widely known for his practical appreciation of the potential risks that can impact business, and his personable, consultative approach. He is unique in his ability to connect the dots, arming his clients with the most cost-effective and value-added insurance programs, whether for business, vehicles or their home.
For more than a decade Chris has been a member and has played active leadership roles within BNI B2B Connections One, currently sitting on the International Board of Advisors. He is also Deputy Council Commissioner for Scouts Canada Greater Toronto Council, and has been an active Volunteer Scouter in his local community since 2003.

Five Ways Case Insurance Brokers is a Cut Above



Great insurance policies are just the beginning. Case Insurance also acts as your business advisory, connecting you with world-class professionals outside the insurance world who can help strengthen and grow your business: banking, financial planning, accounting, real estate, technology, marketing – and more.

Five Ways Case Insurance Brokers is a Cut Above



With decades in insurance and risk management along with leadership experience as a sales executive, banker and entrepreneur, Case brings broad financial expertise – and a unique perspective based on practical risk management concepts, strategies and solutions.

Five Ways Case Insurance Brokers is a Cut Above



What keeps you up at night? We begin with a very human conversation, not a robo-quote on a website. We’re passionate about getting to know your business and home life realities, so we can advise you better. No two clients, and certainly no two entrepreneurs, are alike – so we take a very personalized approach, looking at the whole financial picture to tailor a perfect-fit, best-priced solution.

Five Ways Case Insurance Brokers is a Cut Above



There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance program. Case Insurance means choice, and the confidence that you’ll be presented with strong options, and the very best value for your insurance spend.

Five Ways Case Insurance Brokers is a Cut Above



When it comes to the life, work and values of the entrepreneur, Chris Case walks the walk. He’s been there – and knows the challenges and the difficulties in steering an organization, raising a family and maintaining a healthy life/work balance. Not only does he play a leadership role in one of the GTA’s most successful networking organizations for entrepreneurs , he is a lifelong entrepreneur himself.