When I was in high school, I had a job. I got a pay cheque every two weeks, went to the bank to deposit it and take out cash for the weekend. When I went to University, inter-branch banking was a brand new thing. When you moved cities, most people were forced to close their bank account at home and open a new account at a branch close to your new home. When I was in 4th year, the first ATM opened on Campus, which meant a lot of late night runs for an extra $20 to pay for a tray of beers for last-call at the pub. I interviewed with IBM in the fall of 1984 when the first Personal Computer was unveiled. The people I was interviewing with looked at each other chuckled and shrugged. This was going to change the world? A lot has changed over the past 35 years, but it feels like just yesterday.

If you grow up with tech, you assume that it, and you, are safe, until you are not. The more connected we become, the more ways there are gaps in the tech to be exploited. How cyber-safe are you and what are you teaching your kids? As a volunteer with Scouts, we have a saying, “Be Prepared”. It is truer now than ever because the speed with which things can unravel is increasing exponentially.

I am an optimist but I have seen and done enough to be practical, realistic and skeptical. If this is kind of perspective you and your clients would appreciate, I would welcome introductions to your business owner clients, especially those in the financial services sector who are Exempt Market Dealers or working to become IIROC compliant. See compliance requirements for IIROC Members here.  

Cyber and Digital Privacy planning is not optional and these organizations are looking for help.

Join me, Chris Case (Case Insurance Brokers, Cyber Insurance Specialist) and Daniel Doumish (SET Communications, Managed IT Services) to find out how you and your business could be impacted by a Cyber Crime. Danny and I will share real-world insight gained from clients and their industry on the real cost of a Cyber Attack and what you can do to understand, mitigate and manage the potential damage.

Book your seat at this exclusive network event on Thursday, May 23rd at 6:45 AM at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 33 Price Street, Toronto, Ontario!